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GoldFever Mining Supply

Things to Bring When Visiting Eagle City Park

The following is a partial list of suggested Items to bring along with you on your visit to Eagle City Park.  We have some items (pans, buckets, shovels, sluice box, high-banker, etc) in limited supply for purchase or rent.  How hard and how much you want to work will determine how much of the list you will want to bring with you.

1.  Shoes or boots that you can get wet in.  Bring along dry socks and shoes for the trip home.  If you bring kids, they will get wet.  Bring extra clothes for them to change into.

2.  Shovel

3.  Gold Pan

4.  Buckets

5.  Screens (Classifiers)

6.  Sluice Box

7.  Old screw drivers, pry bars, rock picks, small paint brush, tweezers,  etc to break up the bedrock and clean out the cracks.

8.  Knee pads, gloves, wide brim hat, jacket, vials, snuffer bottle, sucker tube (hand dredge). 

9.  Metal detector, ATV, high-banker, pump, hoses, gasoline, oil, 

10.  On 75° plus days, bring lots of drinking water to keep hydrated.  We sell 8 lbs bags of ice for $1.00.

11.  Lunch / Snacks if you are planning to stay the day.

12.  Camera, Sunblock and FirstAid Kit