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Some Common Sense Rules

While Visiting Eagle City Park

1. No generators, ATV’s, motorcycles, motors or noisy activity after 9:00 PM or DARK, whichever is first.  No loud music, anytime.  Not all of us like the same music. 

2. Motor bikes and ATV’s are welcome as long as they are used to travel quietly from one site to another, hauling equipment to and from your work area or driving to and from the Park.  Stay on established roads and trails within the park.  Pleasure riding shall be done in the national forest, not in the park.  Please, refrain from riding within the park after 9:00 PM or dark, which ever is first.  Remember that the Park is near residential sites.  Please use common sense while riding/driving in and out of the Park and near these homes.  We don’t want to be bad neighbors.  Ride as if it were your home you’re driving in front of.  

3. Fires are to be small in size and contained within a stone and/or metal ring no larger than 24” in diameter and all burnable items cleared from a 15-foot radius around the fire pit.  Watch for overhead limbs.  Two 5 gallon buckets of water and two gunnysacks shall be maintained near each fire.  Fires are to be COMPLETELY OUT WITH WATER before leaving.  Feel free to use any dead trees you find on your site for your fire.  Do not cut live trees unless you have permission from the Park management.  DO NOT THROW BONES INTO FIRES.  They do not burn up completely and attract bears.

4. Discharging of firearms and fireworks within the Park is strictly prohibited.

5. The sale, use or possession of illegal drugs will insure banishment from the Park and possible arrest.

6. Moderate use of alcohol is allowed, excessive use of alcohol is not.

7. There are brightly painted 3 lb. coffee cans throughout the Park.  Use these for your cigarette butts or use your own ashtrays.  Please do not throw your butts on the ground or in the stream.

8. The Eagles Nest is for the use of park members, their guests and families.  NorthWest Gold Prospectors Association will also use it for their outings as well as other invited guests.  Pickup after yourselves.  There are no trashcans.  You must pack all your trash out.  There is a receptacle for aluminum cans, ONLY.  Please crush your cans and deposit them inside.  

9. The Park is a wonderful place for kids and dogs to run and play, please keep both quiet and under control.  Be sure you clean up after them.

10. Do not venture onto the adjourning private property.  The Park boundaries are marked.  If you are not sure where the lines are, please ask.  We do not like trespassers and neither do our neighbors.

11. We welcome visitors, but do not prospect unless you have made arrangements for payment of the required lease fee/fees.  There will be Park representatives who will inquire as to these arrangements.

12. Do not dig / tunnel into the high bank left by the flood.  We will be pulling  material down from time to time for you to work.

13. Non-Park members are to park on the left side of the drive before the gate entering the park.

14. Only Park members and their guests may take vehicles beyond the gate.  All Park members / guests must sign the log book located at the office to the Park. 

15. Pack it in - Pack it out!  We have no trashcans.  Leave the Park in as good or better condition than you found it.

16. Although you can keep all the gold you find, please share your success stories.

17. Panning, sluicing, high banking, sniping and metal detecting are allowed, dredging is not! 

18. Do not dump gray water and/or waste tanks on the ground.  This will ban you from the Park, subject you to the cost of cleanup and bring the wrath of the Idaho Panhandle Health Department down upon your shoulders.  Shoshone Camp (6 miles up the River) has a dump station.  We can also arrange to have your holding tank pumped by A-1 Sanitation.

19. Please respect your neighbor’s site and do not use it as a shortcut to the creek or as a thoroughfare.

20. Keep your site tidy.  Keep grass cut and debris picked up.  Do not encroach upon the adjoining site.  Give each other elbow room.  

21. There is an abundance of wildlife in the Park.  Feel free to watch, but do not disturb them.  Instruct your children not to kill frogs, snakes, etc.  If you kill it, you eat it.

Use common sense in all your actions.  This is designed to be a family Park for its members and guests who are interested in the Hobby of Recreational Gold Prospecting / Mining.  

We are all here to have fun and to enjoy ourselves.  Let’s help each other to accomplish this and hopefully we can dig up some GOLD in the process. 
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